North Carolina Sheriff’s Office Bans Employees From Living Together Unless ‘Married’ According To The ‘Word Of God’

The Scotland County Sheriff’s Office, run by Sheriff Ralph Kersey, in North Carolina says employees cannot live together unless they are married “according to the Word of God.”

The Freedom from Religion Foundation flagged the illegal requirement:

The policy has been changed in reference to Cohabitation. The policy change will be distributed on Monday.

It will be prohibited for you to live with another while employed at the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office unless you are officially married according to the law and word of God, [emphasis added] sisters, brothers, or family by blood.

This shall not apply to those whom are currently cohabitating. However, if your current relationship with the other party should cease, you will comply with the new policy change.

Freedom From Religion Foundation Legal Fellow Brendan Johnson wrote a letter to Sheriff Kersey about the policy:

By instating a policy that limits employees’ behavior outside of work to that which you deem to be ‘according to the law and word of God,’ your office unconstitutionally promoted religion and threatens to punish those who believe differently.

Freedom From Religion Foundation President Annie Laurie Gaylor also condemned the rule:

This policy rests on archaic notions of biblical morality that have no place dictating modern workplace guidelines. It is a staggering violation of the rights of conscience of every Scotland County Sheriff’s Office employee.

The Friendly Atheist notes the Sheriff’s officer often endorses Christianity on Facebook:


(Sources: Freedom from Religion Foundation, Friendly Atheist, Photo Credit: Scotland County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook)

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