North Carolina Republican Says Election Was ‘Stolen’ From Trump, Fails to Provide Evidence

North Carolina Republican State Sen. Bob Steinburg is falsely claiming on Facebook the presidential election was “stolen” from former President Donald Trump, but has failed to provide any evidence.

Steinburg also failed to provide evidence of his wacky claim to WRAL, but pretended he was being persecuted:

This is what I think and if I’m not mistaken I believe free speech and having an opinion are still “technically” legal in America. But for how much longer with the new regime is anyone’s guess.

WRAL notes that other North Carolina Republicans did not want to condemn Steinburg’s absurd claims:

The senator’s Republican colleagues are largely silent about his repeated insistences, which are based on a deep belief in shifting and unsubstantiated conspiracies. In past conversations, Steinburg has said China, the CIA, the FBI and potentially a blackmail campaign against U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts are or may be involved in a long planned coup that culminated in the November elections.

(Source: WRAL, Bob Steinburg/Facebook)

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