North Carolina Cop Resigns After Video Shows Him Lifting Police Dog Off Ground by Leash, Slamming Dog Into Patrol Car: ‘We’re Good, No Witnesses’

Police Officer James Hampton resigned after he was filmed lifting a police dog off the ground by a leash, slamming the canine into a patrol car and appearing to strike the pooch in Salisbury, North Carolina, reports The Charlotte Observer.

While civilians would be charged with assault for manhandling a police dog, Hampton was allowed to resign without charges.

The incident was exposed on March 2 when WJZY was sent the video by an anonymous source. WJZY was careful to call the obvious animal abuse simply “questionable,” presumably not to step on police department toes.

The Salisbury Police Department noted on its Facebook page on March 5 that the police dog, K-9 Officer Zuul, was checked out by a veterinarian and was found to be healthy.

(Sources: Salisbury Police Department/Facebook, The Charlotte Observer, WJZY)

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