Non-Masked Trump Voter Baits People With N-Word, Chaos Follows, Police Arrive

Diana Ploss — a pro-Trump conservative radio host who was fired from WSMN-AM for racist comments — recorded Facebook Live video of herself confronting Black Lives Matter demonstrators, one of whom was playing the song “F*ck Trump,” by YG and Nipsey Hussle, in Natick, Massachusetts on Sept. 25.

Ploss, who was not wearing a safety mask, tried to bait the protesters by whining that she could not use the N-word like the song does:

Do you know that they use the word “n*gga” in that song? I just want to know, am I not allowed to say that word? It’s in the song, it’s in the song.

Ploss kept complaining that she could not use the N-word until a Trump supportershoved a protester, and police officers moved in to separate the two groups:

So you see what’s going on? They have a song that uses the N-word, but I can’t say it. I can’t say that word, even though it’s in the song. How is that possible? You can’t make this stuff up. You cannot make this stuff up. Look at these girls, triggered.

A man supporting Floss, David Hepp, was arrested and charged with assault and malicious destruction of property, noted Patch.

(Sources: Diana Ploss via YouTube, The New York Times, Patch)

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