No Charges Against White Cops Who Killed Elderly Black Vet After He Accidentally Set Off Medical Alert

Federal prosecutors have refused to press charges against a white police officer who fatally shot a mentally ill black veteran, Kenneth Chamberlain, in 2011 in White Plains. New York.

Chamberlain, 68, accidentally triggered his emergency medical alert device, notes The Associated Press. 

The medical alert company, Life Aid, called Chamberlain and tried to speak to him on a two-way speaker, but ended up calling the police, reported CNN. 

Chamberlain got on the phone and told Life Aid to call off the cops: “I have the White Plains Police Department banging on my door, and I did not call them and I am not sick.”

However, the police refused to leave and banged on his door for 40 minutes. The police falsely claimed on video that Chamberlain called them.

Tonya Greenhill, Chamberlain’s niece arrived on the scene, but told CNN that the police ignored her.

One officer called Chamberlain the N-word while claiming to want to help him.

Chamberlain, a former Marine and correction officer, decided to arm himself with a knife.

After harassing the senior for over an hour, police broke down Chamberlain’s door and used their weapons on him.

Police tased Chamberlain, and then turned off their cameras.

The cops shot Chamberlain with beanbag ammunition and killed him with a bullet.

A New York state grand jury refused to indict the officers, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office recently said it would not prosecute the officers based on their fear (in a situation they chose to escalate), notes

The weight of the evidence indicates that, at the time the shooting took place, the WPPD officers believed that Mr. Chamberlain was threatening Sergeant (Keith) Martin with a knife and that Officer (Anthony) Carelli believed that Sergeant Martin was in danger of being seriously injured by Mr. Chamberlain.

In response, Kenneth Chamberlain Jr., the slain man’s son, said on Jan. 5:

It’s clear if you look at situations like this — and I’m not an attorney — but it’s very clear that the rule of law doesn’t apply when you talk about cases like this.

Rather than have the FBI go out and interview witnesses, rather than hire forensics pathologists and ballistics experts that can challenge what the police story is, they just pick up the police story and say, ‘Oh, there’s nothing here.” They don’t do their job.

(Sources: The Associated Press via PIX 11, CNN/YouTube,

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