No Charges Against New York Driver For Racist Rant

A white male driver, who went on a racist rant against a black man on July 18 in New York City, will not be charged with any crimes.

The white driver, identified by Shaun King of The Intercept as Brett Caiet, was filmed by the black driver, Bentley Sanon, going on the rant:

Take your picture. I’m calling you a n*gger, too. N*ggy! Smile! Smile, n*gger. Smile, n*gger. You’re harassing me. Put it on the tape, okay. Okay, n*gger? Nigger boy. Yeah, keep taking my picture.

Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Sini told Newsday that  his office reviewed the viral footage:

Although the activity is extremely disturbing and offensive, it does not seem to constitute a crime, at least without further evidence of some other action taken by the individual making the comments.

(Sources: Bentley Sanon/Facebook, Newsday, Shaun King/Twitter)

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