No Charges After Cop Kills Innocent Unarmed Dad During Raid On Wrong House

No criminal charges will be filed against a police officer who killed an innocent unarmed dad, Andrew Finch, in Wichita, Kansas, on Dec. 28, 2017.

Finch was only on the front porch of his home for ten seconds when he was killed by a cop.

District Attorney Marc Bennett said on April 12 that Kansas law only allows the evidence the officer had at the time — which was a fake phone call and the officer’s imagination that Finch was reaching for a gun — notes The Kansas City Star.

Police went to Finch’s home after receiving a false call about a murder and two-person hostage situation.

The call reportedly came from a video gamer in another state who was “swatting” an opponent with a fake 911 call, but gave the wrong address.

Finch’s mother Lisa said that Finch was inside with his family and a roommate. Finch opened his front door when he saw police lights outside and didn’t know what was going on.

Finch was given multiple and conflicting commands by police: “Show your hands!” “Walk this way!”

Bennett said officers who were closer to Finch thought he reached down to pull up his pants.

When Finch raised his hands, he was shot by an officer who thought he was reaching for a non-existent gun.

After Finch was shot, the dispatch operator asked police: “Shots fired. One Down. Confirming. It’s the suspect?”

“Don’t know,” a sergeant responded, according to a report released by Bennett.


The Wichita Police Department and Bennett have refused to identify the officer who has only been called “Officer #1.”




Bennett blamed the officer’s choice to shoot on the 911 call which claimed a shooter was in a one-story house; Finch’s house was two stories.

In a prior incident, Bennett charged former Wichita Ofcr. Dexter Betts with felony aggravated battery after injuring a 9-year-old girl while shooting at her family dog.


(Source: The Kansas City Star)

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