Nikki Haley — Who Supports the Pro-Slavery Racist Confederate Flag — Lectures Joe Biden on Racial Issues

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley — who said in 2019 the racist pro-slavery Confederate flag was about “service, and sacrifice, and heritage” — lectured former Vice President Joe Biden on racial issues following his controversial comment to a black radio host on May 23:

Haley — who holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Clemson — tried to justify the racist flag by creating her own historical “fact” in December 2019:

Everyone knows the flag has always been a symbol of slavery, discrimination and hate for many people. But not everyone sees the flag that way. That’s hard for non-Southerners to understand, but it’s a fact...

Historian and creator of PBS’s acclaimed “The Civil War” series Ken Burns debunked the myth that the Confederate flag is not a symbol of racism and white supremacy on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” in 2015.

(Sources: Nikki Haley/Twitter, MSNBC via YouTube)

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