Nikki Haley Claims (Racist) Confederate Flag Was About ‘Service, And Sacrifice, And Heritage’

Former U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley claimed on Breitbart News that the (racist) Confederate Flag was about “service, and sacrifice, and heritage” until Charleston, South Carolina church shooter Dylan Roof “hijacked” it (MORE VIDEO BELOW).

Historian Ken Burns told MSNBC’s Morning Joe in 2015 that this claim was a myth, and the Confederate flag has always represented racism and white supremacy:

I think what happens is that we build up over time the sense of an excuse about why it came. f you read … South Carolina’s articles of secession in November — after [Abraham] Lincoln’s election of 1860 — they don’t mention states’ rights, they don’t mention nullification.

They mention slavery over and over again… Those [Confederate] flags came in after Brown v. Board of Education. This is not about heritage. This is about resistance to civil rights.

(Sources: MSNBC, Breitbart News via Twitter)

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