News Reporter Violently Arrested By 6 Cops After Using F-Word

Shareblue Media reporter Mike Stark was violently arrested by six police officers after using the F-word in Annandale, Virginia, on Oct. 28.

Stark was filming the annual Annandale parade when he got into a verbal exchange with a Fairfax County Mason District police officer.

According to Shareblue Media, the officer told Stark not to film the campaign vehicle of Ed  Gillespie, the Republican candidate who is running to be Virginia governor.

The cop reportedly told Stark to move more than the 20-yard distance already separating him from the Gillespie campaign vehicle.

At one point, Stark told the officer:  “F— this,” and the cop swept Stark’s legs out from underneath him, and violently took him down face-first into the sidewalk.

Five more officers piled onto Stark as he pleaded to free his arm from underneath the weight of the police.

Multiple witnesses told Shareblue Media that Stark was punched repeatedly in the legs by the police.

The cops claimed to be arresting Stark for swearing in public, which is not illegal according to The Marshall Project.

Stark was eventually charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

(Sources: Shareblue Media, The Marshall Project)

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