New York Firefighter Says Throw Muslims Off Roof, Resigns

Gerald “Jerry” O’Mara, a suspended firefighter in Long Island, resigned on Sept. 20 and apologized for statements about Muslims that he made on Facebook.

According to Newsday, O’Mara made the comments about the Long Island Muslim Society’s attempt to add a second floor to its East Meadow mosque on Aug. 15: 

Let them put a fifth floor on the building and then take them up to the Roof and throw them off it.

O’Mara struck a contrite tone as he apologized to the Lakeland Fire District’s board of commissioners during a meeting:

I apologize to anyone I hurt by my insensitive commenting and I am voluntarily stepping down as chairman of the board of fire commissioners.

The board extended O’Mara’s suspension as a board member an additional 30 days, and voted to require sensitivity training for the fire department, commissioners and district employees.

O’Mara is up for re-election in December, but is not sure if he is going to run again.

(Source: Newsday, Photo Credit: Gerald “Jerry” O’Mara/Facebook)

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