New York Cops Caught Lying, Video Shows Police Shoving Veteran, 72, Down Stairs

A 72-year-old mechanic and Air Force veteran, Robert Besedin, was pushed down the steps of his home by police in Long Island, New York, on Feb. 7, 2017.

However, Nassau Police Officers Stephen Beck with and John Mantovani accused Besedin of resisting arrest, and claimed that he “violently flailed his arms, kicked, screamed, and pushed Officer Mantovani down four steps” on Besedin’s porch, notes WABC.

Besedin was charged with felony assault against two Nassau police officers, but those charges were dropped this week after a surveillance video proved that Besedin was telling the truth and the police lied.

Besedin has now filed a lawsuit against the Nassau County Police Department, the Nassau County District Attorney, and the two officers who “pushed him, grab him by his neck, hurled him down four steps and body slammed him to the ground.”

“If I didn’t have the video, nobody would believe me,” Besedin told WABC.

Besedin spent several days in jail with an 85 percent hearing loss because his hearing aids were knocked out by the police.

It’s not clear why the police went to Besedin’s home in the first place, but the Nassau Police Department is now investigating its officers.


(Source: WABC)

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