New York Cop Tells Cyclist That He Hit Him With Police Car ‘For Your Safety’

A police officer told a bicyclist that he ran over him for “safety,” drawing laughter from witnesses in New York City on July 5.

Twitter user and witness Rich Garvey posted a video of the officer’s bizarre explanation:

At this point you are being forcefully stopped because, essentially, you are driving recklessly and refusing to stop after multiple lawful orders that you looked and acknowledged so I am going to use whatever means necessary to stop you. And that’s for your safety.

However, that contradicted Garvey’s version of the account, which he posted on Twitter:

According to the police officer, wearing headphones while bike riding is reckless driving and reason to run the rider off the road for running a red light…

I was across the street in the park when this police ran this bike rider off the road and definitely did not hear any sirens or police loud speaker ordering the biker to stop.

The NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Public Information tried to defend the cop running over the bicyclist on Twitter by blaming the cyclist:

Here’s what happened – Officers observed cyclist running through 2 red lights, wearing headphones while biking, & failing to comply w/ a lawful order. When approached by cops, cyclist jumped the bike & it became wedged between the police vehicle and a parked vehicle.

(Sources: Rich Garvey/Twitter, Rich Garvey/Twitter, NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Public Information/Twitter)

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