New York City Police Appear To Knock Man Off His Bike, Then Arrest Him

Heins Rodriguez appeared to be knocked off his bicycle by an unmarked police car in New York City in August 2015.

The police claimed that Rodriguez  was pedaling the wrong way, but that was debunked by a newly-released video from a surveillance camera.

After Rodriguez hit the pavement, Officers Zheng Zuopeng and Alan Chen quickly arrested and handcuffed him, and charged him with resisting arrest.

One of the officers said Rodriguez flailed around, and refused to be handcuffed, but the video shows Rodriguez stood still and took a few steps.

Rodriguez’ lawyers claim the police car either hit his bike or got “unreasonably close to Mr. Rodriguez,” notes the New York Daily News.

Rodriguez’ lawyers believe the arrest of Rodriguez was a ruse to cover-up the police causing Rodriguez’s accident.

Police later found 12 bags of marijuana in Rodriguez’s backpack, but the misdemeanor case was dismissed.

In his lawsuit, Rodriguez claims he suffered a permanent back injury.

Gabriel Harvis, one of Rodriguez’s lawyers, told the New York Daily News that the lawsuit is about “dangerous pursuit tactics and officers who willingly lied in an effort to cover them up.”

Harvis added: “When officers can manufacture evidence as we see here, no one is safe.”

(Source: New York Daily News)

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