New York City Lawmaker: Trump’s Attacks Against San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Are ‘Despicable’

New York City lawmaker Melissa Mark-Viverito slammed President Donald Trump for his “despicable” Twitter attack against San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, and for the Trump administration’s failed response to the devastation in Puerto Rico.

Mark-Viverito, who recently returned from Puerto Rico, told CNN what she thought about Trump’s tweets:

He needs to be in charge. He needs to demonstrate some level of empathy over what has happened. The tweets this morning are despicable, deplorable, not statesman-like at all. We need an an understanding that there is a seriousness given to this crisis.

Earlier in the interview, Mark-Viverito described what she saw during her recent trip to Puerto Rico:

What I was struck with was the devastation, basically, though, the absence of any sort of federal authorities in the three days that I was there. It is about life and death, this is about lack of preparation, lack of planning, lack of appropriate response.

What we need to do is save lives, to have more federal workers there and more troops on the ground. We only have about 10,000 between troops and relief workers when there were 40,000 in Florida with Irma. This is not an appropriate response and that has to be acknowledged.

We need much more seriousness. We need President Trump to basically pull away from his fragile ego, to get out of his golf course cocoon and get to work. This is on his watch. People are dying, and he needs to respond appropriately and give proper direction.

(Source: CNN via YouTube)

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