New York City Cop Charged After Violently Shoving Female Protester to Pavement, Calling Her ‘Stupid F*cking B*tch’

A New York City police officer, identified as Vincent D’Andraia, has been charged with assault, criminal mischief, harassment and menacing after a viral video showed him violently shoving a peaceful female protester, Dounya Zayer, to the street pavement while calling her a “stupid f*cking b*itch” outside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on May 29 (RAW VIDEO BELOW).

Zayer told Democracy Now that she suffered a seizure and was hospitalized with a concussion:

The protest was peaceful. The cops started stampeding towards the crowd. And I noticed that peaceful protesters were getting hurt. Like, it was a scene straight out of a horror movie, something that you wouldn’t expect.

I knew how important it was to record things like that, so I took my camera out to started recording. And there’s a video on Twitter of the recording that I took, where I’m running backwards in the direction the officers are telling us to go to, and I’m trying to record while running backwards.

And Officer Vincent D’Andraia and his commander, Craig Edelman, they’re walking in my direction. And Vincent D’Andraia tells me to move, and I asked, “Why?” while still moving in the direction he was telling me to go to.

And he smacked my phone out of my hand, and then he called me what he called me. And before I could put my arms up to block myself from the lunge I could see out of my peripheral vision, he shoved me very hard to the ground.

After I hit my head, I was very confused and shocked. I was in a lot of pain. Like, the impact was hard. And other protesters were trying to help me get up, and they walked me to a nearby stairwell like five feet away.

And I lose my memory at the stairwell, but that’s when I had the seizure. I didn’t have the seizure immediately after hitting my head; it was about five minutes later. And then I got sent to the hospital in an ambulance, and my memory comes around getting to the hospital.

It was a hard impact. And it was unprovoked and not expected, definitely not necessary. He called me a name. He wanted to hurt me. He was angry. I don’t know why. Maybe he has something against women, he has something against people protesting, something. But I was backing away from him, and I didn’t do anything to him. And he called me a name, and then he followed through by injuring me.

(Sources: Democracy Now, Jason Lemon/Twitter)

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