New Trump Ad Mocks Biden Praying Inside a Black Church in Delaware

President Donald Trump’s campaign released a new ad that mocks former Vice President Joe Biden praying in church.

Trump’s ad begins by falsely claiming “deep in the heart of Delaware Joe Biden sits in his basement, alone, hiding, diminished.”

The Trump ad makes other ludicrous claims, and ends with a picture of Biden praying and a voiceover mocking him: “Biden has no answers. And after five decades of failure, he never will.”

The Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel tweeted that the picture was taken of Biden on June 1 at the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Wilmington, Delaware, by an Associated Press photographer.

The New York Times reported that Biden was at the church to meet with community leaders about the George Floyd killing by police officers.

(Sources: Dave Weigel/Twitter, The New York Times, Donald J. Trump/YouTube)

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