New Mexico Store Clerk Calls 911 On Customer For Being ‘Arrogant Because He’s Black’

A store clerk called 911 on Jordan McDowell for being “arrogant because he’s black” in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on Aug. 3.

The 22-year old Xavier University student told KRQE that he was visiting from out of state when he dropped by the Allsup store:

There’s nothing right about this, there’s nothing right to call the police on someone just because of their skin tone.

The first thing that popped in my mind absolutely was just discrimination…

In that moment, the only thing I felt at that small moment was rage. But at the same time too I understood that racism in America never truly died.

McDowell filmed the clerk calling the police and making the racial remark, which she later denied:

And I want him out of the store right now… because he’s being arrogant, because he’s black.

McDowell said he went into the store sand bought a package of Sour Patch Kids, and continued looking around for other items to purchase:

She had been in the corner the whole time watching.

McDowell said a police officer didn’t ask to see his ID and acknowledged that he didn’t do anything wrong.

KRQE attempted to contact Allsup’s corporate offices, but calls were not returned; the store manager called the employee’s behavior unacceptable.

(Source: KRQE)

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