New Mexico State Police Shatter Man’s Car Window Over Seat Belt Violation, Drag Him Out Of Car

A newly-released video shows New Mexico State Police smashing the driver’s side window of Antony Page’s car, and dragging him out of the vehicle over an alleged seat belt violation in Taos, New Mexico, in February.

Page’s friend Angela Fisher-Herrera filmed while Page calmly spoke to the troopers who escalated the situation by destroying Page’s property and attempting to pull him through the broken window.

Page and Fisher-Herrera insisted they had their seat belts on and were falsely accused.

Fisher-Herrera identified the trooper — who pulled them over  — to The Free Thought Project as Officer Cabanas.

Cabanas reportedly told Page to roll down his window completely, but Page politely replied, “no thank you” and only rolled the window down a couple of inches.

Fisher-Herrera told The Free Thought Project that Cabanas  told them he stopped them for not wearing their seat belts, which Fisher-Herrera denied:

Cabanas continues by asking for Antony’s license and registration, while we are telling him that we have been wearing our seat belts and that we are recording.

He tells us that he has us on his camera not wearing our seat belts. We tell him that is a lie, and we want access to that footage, to which he responds, “not right now, we can argue that in court.”

Fisher-Herrera said that she feared of police brutality, and called 911 to request another officer.

I finally call 911 because as far as I know, we don’t have to exit the vehicle like he has ordered the driver to do, we are on an unpopulated street with a hostile officer and no witnesses on our behalf.

Fisher-Herrera recalled that 911 dispatch told them not say anything to the troopers.

Officers from the 911 call arrived, and began trying to force their way into Page’s vehicle.

After ten minutes passed, Fisher-Herrera began filming the police.

A trooper broke the window, and then three troopers dragged Page from the vehicle and slammed him on the ground: “Get on the ground!” and “You’re under god damn arrest!”

A trooper tried to grab Fisher-Herrera’s camera, which she turned off and threw in the back seat.

Fisher-Herrera said she was dragged from the car, thrown to the ground and arrested.

The judge dismissed the case as the arresting officer failed to show up for court, but the arresting officer brought the charges against the couple again.

Fisher-Herrera said they are planning to fight these charges as well.

The New Mexico State Police refused to comment.

(Sources: The Free Thought Project, Angela Fisher-Herrera via YouTube)

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