New Mexico Cop Attacks Black Girl With Special Needs, 11, He Is Allowed To Resign Without Charges

Officer Zachary Christensen was allowed to resign after a police body cam video showed him attacking an 11-year-old girl with special needs ae Mesa View in Farmington, New Mexico on Aug. 27 (video below).

Christensen’s police report claimed the sixth grader committed assault when she walked past the assistant principal and brushed by.

Christensen claimed the girl also committed assault when she attempted to open the door and walked past the principal, reports KOB.

Christensen was not charged with falsifying a police report or assault. He was allowed to resign, which means he could work for a different police force.

Christensen is heard on the video complaining about the girl: “This morning, she went straight to the cafeteria. She took more milks that she was supposed to. She threw a milk on the ground.”

(Source: KOB)

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