New Jersey Police Shoot, Kill Mentally Ill Unarmed Man

A police officer in Millville, New Yersey, shot and killed a mentally ill unarmed man on Jan. 22.

Edward C. Gandy Jr. refused to obey police and was holding an unidentified object in his hand when he was killed by Officer Colt Gibson.

Cumberland County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae released a dashcam video of the fatal shooting, per a public records request by The Daily Journal.

Webb-McRae originally denied the request on Jan. 23 until all witnesses were interviewed because the video could “taint their recollection of events and taint their subsequent interviews,”

The dashcam video is from Gibson’s vehicle.

Gibson and other police responded when Gandy called a 911 operator and said he had a loaded firearm and was “feeling homicidal.”

Webb-McRae would not comment until her investigation into the shooting is complete.

Gandy’s mother, Catherine Gandy, told The Daily Journal in January that her son had been “suicidal” after a prescription medication change and had been in a mental health crisis center.

(Source: The Daily Journal)

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