New Jersey Police Revive Man, Arrest Him, He Dies 3 Hours Later

Dashcam video from June 2016 has finally been released and shows officers answering a call to revive Daniel Nagahama and arresting him in Highland Park, New Jersey. 

Nagahama died three hours later. His cause of  death has not been released after a year and a half.

The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office originally refused to release the video and documents from the incident, but was forced to do so after the Libertarians for Transparent Government filed a lawsuit for the release, notes

The prosecutor said said that Nagahama died “hours after he struggled with police who revived him when they found him lying on a street in Highland Park.”

The prosecutor added that “Nagahama became belligerent and struggled with police” and was “not placed under arrest, but was taken to the hospital by rescue workers.”

However, the dashcam video clearly shows Nagahama being arrested and handcuffed by police.

An officer told Nagahama to face the hood of the car or he was “going to go to jail” for reasons unknown.

Nagahama moved his hands away from his back, and four cops piled on to subdue him. 

“You’re going to get sprayed!” one cop warned, as he appeared to hold pepper spray above above Nagahama’s face.

Nagahama slid off the hood, the struggle continued with Nagahama crying  “Ow! Ow!” and “He hit me!” and “Oh my god!”

“Stop!” one cop yelled. “I’m trying to help you.”

Nagahama told the police repeatedly, “You’re hurting me!”

By the end of the video, Nagahama is placed on a stretcher, his handcuffed behind his back and put in an ambulance.

Nagahama was pronounced dead three hours later.

The officers who filed use-of-force reports — Sgt. Jason Culver, Patrolman Kevin Garrity, Patrolman Brian O’Mara and Patrolman Christopher DeCosta — claimed that Nagahama was under the influence.

All of the officers said they used compliance holds, hands and fists against Nagahama. O’Mara said he used a chemical or natural agent (pepper spray) against Nagahama.


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