New Jersey Police Mace And Punch Deaf Mute Man

Police were filmed punching a deaf man, whom they had pinned down on a sidewalk, in Paterson, New Jersey, on Sept. 28 (more video below).

Witnesses said Raaseon Adams allegedly tried to intervene in a friend’s traffic stop, which led to his violent arrest, reports PIX 11.

Adams appeared to have flicked something toward the officers who sprayed Adams with mace, and punched him while trying to handcuff him.

Paterson Police Chief Troy Oswald said the officer exercised “great restraint” in the incident, notes

After issuing his support for the officer’s actions, Oswald added: “They will investigate it. If there was any wrongdoing, they will address it.”

Mayor Andre Sayegh told PIX 11 that he called an emergency meeting on Oct. 1:

I’ve seen the video. I want to see what the prosecutor says as a complete and exhaustive investigation. This is very serious to me – and I want to make sure we assure the public that this is the case.

(Sources: PIX 11,

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