New Jersey Police Force Black Teens Out Of Town

A video from July 4, 2016, has recently surfaced and shows police in Maplewood, New Jersey herding black teens out of their town and into another city.

The Township Committee suspended Police Chief Robert Cimino with pay for 60 days and suspended Capt. Joshua Cummis with pay for 30 days on Aug. 1, notes

Cimino earns a base salary of $175,520 while Cummis has a base salary of $161,386.

The township also called on Cimino to resign after the video and audio recordings were released.

The police were accused of by the teens of using excessive force and forcing them out of town.

Before the suspensions on Aug. 1, one officer had been suspended for 17 days for violating rules on the use of force, while five more cops are facing “formal discipline for violating department rules and regulations.”


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