New Jersey Police Beat Screaming Handcuffed Black Man, Cop Brags About Beating

Police body cam video has surfaced of officers beating a handcuffed black man, Chanzie Washington, in custody on April 9, 2017, in Trenton, New Jersey.

The incident began when Washington allegedly led police on a car chase, and tried to escape on foot.

When officers caught Washington, he was punched and brought to the ground after surrendering.

After being handcuffed, Washington was still punched by police.

Officer Drew Inman was filmed afterwards saying “I beat the living shi–” before he was alerted by Officer Samuel Johnson that a body camera was recording him.

The Trentonian notes Officer Antony Villanueva was placed on restricted duty for hitting Washington within a week, but Inamn, who is friends with Mark Kieffer III (son of Police Captain Mark Kieffer Jr.), stayed on normal duty for more than a month before being placed on restricted duty.

Villanueva is now suspended without pay while Inman remains on restricted duty.

The Trentonian reports Inman’s police report contradicts the police body can video:

Inman’s use of force report, which was obtained through a records request, says he used a compliance hold, as well as hands and fists to subdue Washington.

However, body cam video doesn’t appear to show a hold being performed by Inman.

Villanueva’s report says he only used hands and fists during the struggle.

An anonymous police source told The Trentonian: “What Inman did was much worse, but they’re painting Anthony as the villain.”

The Trentonian reports that Kieffer may have joined in on the assault:

Footage captured by Kieffer’s body cam — provided through the request — shows him grab Washington by the arm. But it’s not clear whether Kieffer kicked him because his personal body camera is so close to the action that it’s difficult to fully understand what happened.

Sources say additional footage that more clearly shows Kieffer’s actions exist but was not provided to the paper.

Despite Kieffer’s involvement in the altercation, he never completed a use of force report, which is required anytime a cop struggles with a suspect during an arrest.

(Source: The Trentonian)

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