New Jersey Police Beat And Choked Handcuffed Man: Report

Video has surfaced of police reportedly beating handcuffed man, Raul Tornes, in the police station in Elizabeth, New Jersey, on Sept. 27, 2017.

Tornes’ lawyer Josh McMahon released this edited video, but declined to release the unedited video.

Tornes recently filed a lawsuit that says “a systemic and pervasive pattern and practice of unlawful stops and arrests, as well as excessive force and wrongful and unreasonably forceful arrests” exists in the Elizabeth Police Department. reports “at least 47 complaints have been filed against Elizabeth police officers from 2016 to 2018.” notes that “Elizabeth also reported using force at a rate higher than 90 percent of New Jersey police departments, including those serving larger cities such as Newark, Jersey City and Paterson.

The lawsuit says Tornes was “unlawfully stopped, handcuffed, arrested, and taken into custody”… and subsequently handcuffed to a bench where several officers attacked him… Officer Edward Shields and an unnamed officer punched Tornes in the face, kneed his skull and shouted the homophobic slurs at him.

The lawsuit also claims the Elizabeth Police Department falsely charged Tornes with several criminal offenses, which were all dismissed on Nov. 13, 2017.

A spokeswoman for the city of Elizabeth did not comment on the lawsuit.


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