New Jersey Mom Vandalizes Playboy Bunny Easter Display On Live TV

A woman vandalized a Playboy bunny Easter mannequin display on live TV in Clifton, New Jersey on April 9.

Andrew Ramos was live streaming a teaser for a story on “The Ramos Project,” when the woman appeared behind him with a pair of shears, cut one of the Playboy mannequins loose and carried it down the sidewalk (more video below).

The woman, identified as Desiree Shepstone, has been charged with criminal mischief for taking down five mannequins that were dressed in sexy lingerie and holding Easter baskets, notes

Wayne Gangi, a local dentist who erected the Playboy bunny display in honor of the late Hugh Hefner, said he’s pressing charges against her: “She knew the cameras were there. She’s attention-seeking.”

(Sources: Andrew Ramos/Twitter, Andrew Ramos/Twitter,

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