New Jersey GOP Candidate: State-Sponsored Prayer In Schools Will Prevent Shootings

Republican Steve Lonegan, a candidate for New Jersey’s 5th congressional district, called for state-sponsored prayer in schools on Feb. 15 to prevent future mass shootings.

Lonegan offered his advice to Christian radio show host Kevin McCullough, notes the Friendly Atheist:

My own wife has been a Catholic school teacher now for 37 years, and they have to do drills for this kind of a purpose, how to shut down the classrooms.

It’s just so disturbing that society has deteriorated to this point morally that we’re confronted with this. And if there’s ever a time to return prayer to the classroom, now’s the time.

That’s something I would be a big advocate for. Fortunately in my wife’s school they have prayer in the classroom.

Students have always been able to pray in schools, which has not stopped shootings, but Lonegan appeared to be pushing state-sponsored Christian prayer, which would violate numerous rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Friendly Atheist notes:

More importantly, his “solution” isn’t a solution at all. There is absolutely no evidence that prayer can stop bullets and multiple tragic church shootings that show it definitely does not.

(Sources: Kevin McCullough Show via YouTube, Friendly Atheist, Photo Credit: CNN)

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