New Jersey Cops Hold Innocent Black Students At Gunpoint, Handcuff Them

Police officers pulled their guns on two black Rowan University students and handcuffed them in Glassboro, New Jersey, on Oct. 1.

Newly-released police body cam video shows the officers forcing Altif Hassan and Giovanna Roberson out of their car in a university parking lot, notes KYW-TV.

Police handcuffed the students and placed them in patrol cars based on an unidentified source who falsely claimed the students had a weapon in their car.

“You all are about to find out that you stopped me for no reason,” Hassan said on the police body cam video. “You had guns on me!”

The Glassboro Police chief said the officers followed protocol, but then announced on Facebook that committees needed to be formed:

In addition, Borough and Rowan Officials will form a committee that will meet on a regular basis to communicate and dialog to form a bridge to move forward. This committee will include Rowan, Borough and SGA officials.

The Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the incident.

(Source: KYW-TV)

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