New Jersey Cop Punches And Drags Unresponsive Man

A New Jersey Transit police officer was filmed dragging and punching an unconscious man around the outside of the Trenton Transit Center on March 9,

The cop also cursed and yelled at the unresponsive man to “get up and get out now.”

An anonymous woman, who filmed the incident, told WPVI her perspective:

There was no resisting. He wasn’t even speaking. I was torn on what to do. I thought this was the best thing, so that going forward this might not happen to someone else.

After my phone died it continued to happen. The berating. Probably another five minutes. Dragging him on the cement and dragging his face on the ground.

I don’t know if anything occurred. I’m not speculating that anything did. I can only attest to what I saw. And what I saw wasn’t warranted.

The New Jersey Transit Police released a statement:

The matter is currently under investigation with New Jersey Transit Police Department’s Internal Affairs. The officer has been placed on administrative suspension pending the results of that investigation.

(Source: WPIV)

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