New Jersey Cop Orders Dog To Maul Unarmed Woman, 58, In Custody

A video has surfaced of Officer Justin M. Cherry ordering his police dog to attack a 58-year-old woman, Wendy Tucker, while she was in custody in Tuckerton, New Jersey, in January 2014.

Cherry was charged with aggravated assault, two counts of official misconduct and falsifying police reports among other charges, noted New Jersey Advance Media.

Cherry and another cop reportedly responded to a home where Tucker was allegedly an unwelcome guest.

Tucker agreed to take a bus home since her driver’s license was suspended, but, later in the evening, Cherry saw Tucker driving and tried to pull her over.

Tucker, who didn’t trust Tuckerton police officers, drove to a well-lit municipal complex in Barnegat Township and pulled over.

Cherry and other officers reportedly pulled Tucker out of her car with such force that her left arm was dislocated.

While Tucker was held on the ground by other officers, Cherry reportedly released his police dog on Tucker. The dog mauled Tucker for about 30 seconds.

During the vicious dog attack, Cherry screamed at Tucker to put her hands behind her back.

Tucker, who was hospitalized, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in 2015 against the police department and the town of Tuckerton, reported

Tucker was charged with driving with a suspended license and eluding, but the eluding charge was dismissed.

(Source: New Jersey Advance Media,

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