New Hampshire Cop Tackles Boy For Vaping In High School

Police Officer Joshua English was filmed tackling a 15-year-old boy who was allegedly vaping at Keene High School in New Hampshire.

Vaping is not a criminal violation in the state, but minors can be fined and forced to do community service.

Police Chief Steven Russo said Officer English’s rough take down of the boy was “within KPD policy and procedure, and in compliance with the New Hampshire Use of Force Statute.”

Ruuso also claimed Officer English did not know the boy was a student at the high school, and acted to protect the school community:

The underlying offense is not as important as the fact that the individual’s actions were out of the ordinary under such circumstance: he refused to identify himself to Officer English, and he made several attempts to escape detention through physical resistance as he continued to move through the school.

The teen’s father told the New Hampshire Union Leader that his son was in the bathroom with four of five other students and some of them were vaping, but his son was the only one taken down by Officer English:

If he was vaping in there, he should be punished, but punishment isn’t slamming him into the wall and onto the ground. He was walking out of the bathroom.

The father showed the New Hampshire Union Leader copies of the two summonses issued to his son, one on Oct. 7, and the other on Oct. 31, both times for the prohibited use of a tobacco product.

(Source: New Hampshire Union Leader)

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