New Graphic Video Of Police Executing Alton Sterling

Police body cam video has been released in the execution of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on July 5, 2016.

The video shows officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II confronting Sterling outside a convenience store in response to a complaint about a man threatening someone with a gun, notes The Advocate.

Salamoni reportedly placed Sterling in a headlock within seconds of arriving on the scene and soon pulled his gun.

Salamoni screamed profanities at Sterling while both officers demanded Sterling put his hands on a vehicle, which he did.

Sterling asked, “What I did, sir?” but neither officer answered.

Instead, Salamoni cursed at Sterling:

Don’t f****** move or I’ll shoot your f****** ass, bitch. Put your f****** hands on the car. Put your hands on the car or I’ll shoot you in your f****** head, you understand me? Don’t you f****** move, you hear me?

Sterling complained that someone was hurting his arm, and moments later he was tased by Lake. 

The officers then rushed Sterling. Lake pinned the 37-year-old black man down, while Salamoni executed him, notes NPR.

After Sterling was executed,  Salamoni repeatedly called the dead man a”stupid motherf*****.”

Police Chief Murphy Paul said the newly-released video was “shocking to the conscience,” but added that it does not “tell the whole story of the investigation.”

The investigation lasted far longer than the original investigation into the Kennedy assassination, which was 10 months.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry announced earlier in the week that Salamoni was justified in shooting Sterling, and that no charges would be filed against him or Lake, notes CNN.

Witness cellphone video from 2017 showed shooting Sterling at close range while Lake had him pinned down:

The U.S. Justice Department said in May 2017  that evidence couldn’t prove or disprove that Sterling was reaching for a .38-caliber handgun in his pocket.

After nearly two years after the shooting, Paul decided to fired Salamoni because Salamoni disregarded the department’s “training and organizational standards.”

Lake was suspended for three days for violating the  “command of temper.”

(Source: The Advocate, CNN, NPR)




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