New Book Says Trump-Supporting Evangelist Jim Bakker Had Sexual Affairs With Men

A new book about evangelist, convicted felon and Trump Supporter Jim Bakker alleges that he had sex with at least six of his male employees while running his PTL Empire with his first wife Tammy Faye Bakker during the 1970s and 1980s.

Author John Wigger makes the allegations in “PTL: The Rise and Fall of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker’s Evangelical Empire,” notes Christianity Today:

“Drawing on a wide range of interviews, newspaper reports, and court documents, Wigger expertly documents the larger-than-life transgressions that eventually brought the Bakkers and PTL tumbling down…”

“Throughout Bakker’s time at the helm of PTL he had sex with at least six of his male employees. These, too, were exploitative relationships, in which Bakker deployed the power of his position to secure others’ silence. Tammy Faye was not abusive, but may well have had dalliances of her own, including with the musician Gary Paxton. While the two denied any sexual involvement, many in PTL’s inner circles assumed they had an affair.”

“Both the sex and the greed drove jaw-dropping levels of deceit. Jim went to extreme lengths to cover up the Jessica Hahn affair, a decision that fit into a much larger pattern of illicit lies. The Bakkers’ meteoric rise to Christian celebrity status was made possible by the faith and generosity of countless ordinary believers, who tuned into PTL’s television programs and donated to its telethons. Jim and Tammy Faye violated their trust early and often.”

“As the Bakkers’ ministry grew, so did their insatiable appetite for nice things. In 1982 they used PTL funds to purchase a $375,000 vacation condo in Florida, which they went on to furnish lavishly. As Wigger reports, ‘The drapes, bedspreads, and headboards cost $40,000 alone.’ After a few days, Tammy Faye grew tired of the place, which struck her as ‘nothing but a hotel suite.’ They wound up spending only a total of three weeks there.”

(Source: Christianity Today, Photo Credit: Jim Bakker Show/Twitter)

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