Nevada Police Ordered Dog To Attack Man Who Surrendered, Citizens Have To Pay Man $17K

Nevada taxpayers are paying $17,500 to Eugenio Corona Reno who was mauled by a police dog after surrendering during a police chase in January.

Reno sued two Washoe County deputies in July for siccing a K-9 on him while he kneeled down and put his hands held on his head. The entire incident was filmed by the deputies’ dash cam, notes USA TODAY.

Washoe County settled the case for $17,500 of taxpayer money, but  Washoe County sheriff’s deputies Jason Wood and Francisco Gamboa have not admitted to liability or admitted that Corona suffered any damages from the vicious dog attack.

Deputy District Attorney Keith Munro bragged about saving taxpayers money after paying out the $17,500 settlement that was caused by the actions of the deputies who turned the dog loose on Corona:

We thought it was saving taxpayer dollars to settle it for the amount we did rather than go through to trial. We thought the officers would be vindicated, but it would cost considerably more to have them vindicated.

In addition to the $17,500 of taxpayer money, citizens also had to pay for the legal defense of the deputies.

Corona’s lawyer, Terri Keyser-Cooper, said it’s unusual for an agency to offer to settle so quickly:

It is very unusual for law enforcement defendants to make a substantial offer of judgment in the infancy of the case. In 32 years of practicing civil rights law I have never seen that before.

According to Keyser-Cooper, the county settled because the entire incident was caught on video:

It is unconstitutional to use more force than is necessary in a given situation. When a suspect surrenders, on the ground, kneeling, with hands above his head and a vicious attack dog is then unleashed to maul him, that is horrendous That is why they paid so quickly.

(Source: USA TODAY)

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