Nevada GOP Candidate Gianna Miceli Tells Twitter Followers To ‘Go After’ Parkland Shooting Survivor, Pushes Debunked Smear Video

Gianna Miceli, a Republican candidate for Nevada Assembly, told her Twitter followers on March 29 to “go after” Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg.

Trump supporter and alt-righter Jack Posobiec asked his Twitter followers what Fox News host Laura Ingraham should do as advertisers continue drop out of her show because she mocked Hogg for being turned down by some colleges. 

Miceli tweeted: “Go after his every tween harder. He is not our peer, nor is he a child.”

After a Twitter user scolded Miceli for attacking Hogg, Miceli responded by advising people to watched a right wing smear video — against Hogg — that was debunked by Snopes.

(Sources: Gianna For NV Assembly 11/Twitter, Snopes)

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