Netflix Series ‘(Un)well’ Investigates Trillion Dollar Industry of Essential Oils and Other Non-Medical Treatments

The new Netflix docuseries “(Un)well” examines the controversial trillion dollar industry of non-medical treatments: essential oils (doTerra and Young Living), tantric sex, consumption of human breast milk, fasting, ayahuasca and bee-sting therapy.

Executive producer Erica Sachin told the Guardian about the series that was filmed in 2019:

There’s a lot of conflicting information and misinformation out there, and there’s not a lot of hard data and testing done. We felt like it was the perfect time to look at this industry that’s blowing up and try and help to sort out some of the fact from the fiction.

Multi-billion dollar essential oil companies use multi-level marketing (like Amway) and often use buzzwords such as “vitality,” “energy”, “healing” and “balance” to get around Food and Drug Administration rules on medical claims.

However, people who sell essential oils often push those claims.

A chiropractor in the first episode mixes Christianity with his essential oils, which he claims are solutions from “God” that “can help people with cancer.”

He calls his essential oil business — which works as a multi-level marketing plan — a “for-profit ministry.”

Researcher E. Joy Bowles PHD notes in the series there is no evidence to prove essential oils can treat cancer and other medical conditions.

(Sources: Netflix/YouTube, The Guardian)

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