Neighbors Hate New Jersey Man’s 70,000 Christmas Lights

Residents in Old Bridge, New Jersey, are spilt over whether they like or hate Thomas Apruzzi’s 70,000 light Christmas display on his home.

This real life “National Lampoon Christmas Vacation” light scene draws hundreds of visitors, but makes many of Apruzzi’s neighbors furious. 

“It’s absolutely not safe on Central Avenue,” neighbor Raymond Kelly told NJ Advance Media.

Apruzzi, who spent over $100,000 on his 32,000 pixel light display, countered: “I’m not stopping it. And if they have a problem with it, they can talk to my lawyer.”

Spreading more Christmas cheer, Apruzzi said, “I can do whatever I want on my house.”

Old Bridge has a law that bans an “automatic picture showing device,” which Apruzzi uses during his nightly 27-minute light show that draws as many as 1,000 people.

Apruzzi’s neighbors claim the police will not enforce the law.

Old Bridge Mayor Owen Henry and the town legal department did not address the situation.

(Source: NJ Advance Media)

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