NBC’s ‘Megyn Kelly Today’ Ignores Her History Of Racist Comments

Former Fox News anchor Megan Kelly debuted her new morning show “NBC’s ‘Megyn Kelly Today” by not making any mention of her history of racist comments.

Instead, Kelly chirped to her studio audience, “I’m kind of done with politics for now,” and said she wants to help “get yourself through the day, to have a laugh with us, a smile, sometimes a tear – and maybe a little hope to start your day. Some fun! That’s what we want to be doing,” reports Variety (video below).

Media Matters tweeted a clip reel of some of Kelly’s racially charged statements including her telling blacks to comply with police even if police are in the wrong, claiming that Jesus and Santa Claus were both white, insisting you “won’t find any racist emails” in most corporations, and denying that the police killings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown had anything to do with race.

On the topic of immigration, Kelly announced that Europe was lost, and suggesting that Germany was over “as we know it.”

(Source: Variety, Media Matters)

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