Boston Police Ban Insulation Against Freezing Weather

In the last few days, Boston police have blocked the Occupy Wall Street protesters (in Dewey Square, in the heart of Boston’s financial district) from bringing in a winterized tent intended as a safe space for women and have searched a truck for “contraband” tents and insulation materials. In this video (above) a Boston police officer explains to activist Clark Stoekley why he searched the truck for “items we don’t want in the camp”:

“I came to the truck because uh, we were afraid you had contraband that we don’t want in the camp . . . items we don’t want in the camp . . . Winter tents and, um, any type of insulation materials for tents that are already presently there.”

The officer later explains that he doesn’t know why protection from the cold is banned in Boston, saying, “I just do what I’m told.”


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