Gov. Rick Scott: People on Welfare Use Drugs

Appearing on CNN, Florida Governor Rick Scott claimed that “studies” have shown that people on welfare are higher users of drugs than people who are not on welfare. When pressed to prove this statement, Scott again referred to unnamed “studies,” but provided no actual evidence.

When Scott was pressed on the potential cost of the drug-testing program, he didn’t have a firm answer, saying it will depend on how many people pass or fail the test. Scott, whose company was behind the biggest medicare fraud in U.S. history, claims that he is just trying to save Florida taxpayer money.

(Source: CNN)

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  1. One of the more popular services at Solantic, the urgent care chain co-founded by Florida Gov. Rick Scott, is drug testing, according to Solantic CEO Karen Bowling.

    Given Solantic’s role in that marketplace, critics are again asking whether Scott’s policy initiatives – this time, requiring drug testing of state employees and welfare recipients – are designed to benefit Scott’s bottom line.
    Gov. Scott is a crook. He was a crook when he was a CEO for community Hospital and a CEO for another company in Ohio, both of which he ran into the ground and was forced to pay back billions of $ to medicaid in order to keep from going to jail. He literally bought his way into the Governor’s House with his own (stolen) money, and is not in the best light with his own party, the Republicans. Read how he transfered his holdings in a drug company to his wife, below. Perhaps this entire drug testing fiasco stems from the fact that his brother is a drug addict and is own public assistance.

    The Palm Beach Post reported in an exclusive story two weeks ago that while Scott divested his interest in Solantic in January, the controlling shares went to a trust in his wife’s name.

    This raised a groundswell of concern and questions about his health policy initiatives, especially his push to move Medicaid into private HMOs. Solantic does not take Medicaid but does business with private Medicaid HMOs. The questions are growing louder with Scott’s executive order on drug testing.
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