Condi Rice Recalls 9/11 at RNC, Which She Allowed to Happen By Ignoring Richard Clarke’s Memo

Condoleezza Rice, who served as the Secretary of State in the Bush administration, on Wednesday night recalled 9/11 to the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Rice failed to mention that she ignored Richard Clarke’s warning that Bin laden was planning to attack.

Then national security adviser Condoleezza Rice wrote a March 22, 2004 column in The Washington Post that “No al-Qaeda threat was turned over to the new administration,” however, a declassified document told a different story.

Eight months before the September 11 attacks the White House’s then counter-terrorism adviser Richard Clarke urged then national security adviser Condoleezza Rice to hold a high-level meeting on the al-Qaeda network, according to a memo made public.

“We urgently need such a principals-level review on the al-Qaeda network,” … Richard Clarke wrote in the January 25, 2001 memo.

Mr Clarke, who left the White House in 2003, made headlines in the heat of the US presidential campaign … when he accused the Bush White House of having ignored al-Qaeda’s threats before September 11.

Mr Clarke testified before inquiry panels and in a book that Rice … had been warned of the threat.

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