Nashville Cop Fatally Shoots Black Man, Daniel Hambrick, In Back

The Nashville district attorney’s office released a school surveillance video of Officer Andrew Delke chasing and fatally shooting Daniel Hambrick, who is black, in the back on July 26.

Hambrick appears to be about 40 feet away from Delke when Delke kills him, notes The Tennessian.

Police claimed Hambrick was armed, but the video doesn’t show if he was carrying a gun.

It’s not clear if Delke and a second officer rendered aid to Hambrick after he was shot.

Nashville Mayor David Briley said there would be a “comprehensive review” of the Metro Nashville Police Department’s policing strategies that will “look hard at the way we’ve decided to police.”

It’s nor clear why there was not a “comprehensive review” before the shooting.

The Tennessee Bureau of investigation is investigating the shooting; District Attorney Glenn Funk did not say if  there will be charges against Delke.

(Source: The Tennessian, Photo Credit: Carissa Turner)

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