Muslim Teen Attacked In Hospital Lobby In Michigan

A 19-year-old Muslim girl was attacked  by a man while she checked into the Beaumont Dearborn hospital emergency room in Dearborn, Michigan, on Feb. 10.

According to WDIV, the teen thought she might have  broke her jaw during a fall on the ice earlier that day and came to the ER for treatment. 

John Deliz ran up behind the teen, attacked her and knocked her down, according to police.

Deliz was reportedly discharged from the hospital, but hung around the facility where he allegedly accosted other patients.

Deliz was told by hospital security that he had to leave other patients alone if he wanted to wait in the hospital lobby for his ride, notes WDIV.

The teen girl is suing the hospital for emotional distress. She claims the attack may have been religiously motivated.

Beaumont Dearborn hospital issued a statement:  

On Feb. 10, a patient in the Beaumont, Dearborn Emergency Center became physically aggressive with another patient in the waiting room. Beaumont security personnel responded immediately and took action to protect the patient and others in the emergency room.

Dearborn Police were contacted and Beaumont staff cooperated fully in the investigation. We take pride in our service to this diverse community and want all patients to feel welcome at Beaumont.

(Sources: Shawn Ley/Facebook, WDIV)

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