Muslim Girl, 14, Beat Up By Gang Of Girls In Florida

A 14-year-old Muslim girl was beaten by several girls at a park in Boca Raton, Florida, on Dec. 21.

The Muslim girl’s father, Shakeel Munshi, posted a video of the attack and a description on Facebook:

– My daughter Manaal munshi(14 years – 9th grade student) was getting bullied by couple of school (West Boca High School, Boca Raton, FL) girls because she was Muslim. Today (DEC 21st) she decided to get this over and talk to girls but beaten badly by gang of girls. She didn’t picked up a hand because don’t want to fight back.
– My wife called police as soon as found out and pressed charges against the girls.
– Let’s see how USA rule of law works!!

Munshi told WTVJ that his daughter may have been targeted because she was Muslim as part of ongoing bullying:

She has bruises on her face. One eye is black – neck, had nails, big nails, on her neck, and there are lots of big bumps on her face, her head. She used to say that they’re making fun of her … that she’s terrorist, kind of thing.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office responded on Facebook:

The victim’s mother called PBSO and PBSO deputy responded to the residence. It was at that time that PBSO learned of the incident. At NO time was “race” or “bullying” ever discussed, determined or considered to have played a role in the altercation. The victim was wearing a shirt that said “Bulls” XL, which is believed to be a school t-shirt.

PBSO deputy took a report and will be thoroughly investigating with the PBC School Board.

(Sources: Shakeel Munshi/Facebook, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook, WTVJ)

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