Michigan Governor Takes Over Poor Black Town

Benton Harbor, MI is 10,235 population town. 85.5% of the residents are African-American. The per capita income is among the lowest in the state: $10,235. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder recently castrated the city government of the struggling town, using his controversial “Emergency Financial Managers” law. The law allows Snyder to “take over municipalities that don’t pass a financial stress test.”

On Tuesday night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow made the case that Snyder, Whirlpool (global headquarters in Benton Harbor), Harbor Shores (a developer) and assorted political cronies are using the newly enacted law to grab prime beachfront property deeded to the city’s residents in 1917 in order to develop it into a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course and luxury “signature” homes.

Now, one group of Michigan citizens that is standing up to Snyder and his radical remaking of his state is filing a petition to recall the governor. The group, called Michigan Citizens United, says the group is opposed to the new financial manager law and opposes Snyder’s tax cuts for businesses and tax increases on working people.

A Facebook page set up around the recall effort this week has already garnered 12,000 “Likes.” The group has set up a countdown clock to July 1 — the date that Snyder can legally face a recall election — on a website called FireRickSnyder.org.

(Source: RawStory.com, ThinkProgress.org and MSNBC)

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  1. Recall the crooks that steal from the people to enrich their friends.


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