Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm Calls Out Mitt Romney for Lying

On Tuesday night’s episode of Current TV’s The War Room, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm slammed Mitt Romney’s false claim that he saved the auto industry.

“There are politics, there are lies, and then there’s you,” Gov. Granholm began. “You take it to a whole ‘nother level. OK, I admit that I have a particular animus toward you, as a guy that knifed us in the back when Michigan was on its knees, but you simply cannot be our president. It cannot happen.”

She went on to chastise Romney for abandoning the people in the auto industry of his home state, ” where your father and so many of your family members had worked,” and instead, “raised your finger into the air, saw which way the wind was blowing, and followed it.”

(Source: Mediaite.com and Current TV)

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