Rep. Joe Walsh Furious That Democrats Support “Equality”

At a town hall event on Sunday, tea party favorite and deadbeat dad Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) said that his political opponents wanted everyone to be exactly the same.

“You feel like I do,” he told a constituent. “You’re scared. Young, old, middle-class, wealthy, or poor — you’re scared. All I’m going to ask you, and I’ll ask you when I am done, is you gotta take that fear and you better turn it into something really productive, because the other side — guys, I hear it every day — the other side is working every bit as hard as we are who believe in freedom.”

“The side that wants everybody to live in a $200,000 house, and everybody have a blah kind of health care, and everybody to go to college, the side that wants everybody to look and sound and be the same, because that is what they worship, equality,” Walsh continued, “that side is working their tail off.”

The video below was recorded by American Bridge 21st Century, a group that describes itself as a “progressive research and communications organization committed to holding Republicans accountable for their words.”


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