The Shocking Reality of Living on Minimum Wage

In order to survive in their areas with a decent standard of living, rather than just working to survive, both of the individuals in the interview would need triple what they’re making. As the University of Washington Economics Professor Diana Pearce states, both families — one headed by a single mother who makes $9.85 cents an hour at McDonald’s, and the other father and husband who works as a baggage handler, who earns $9.50 an hour — are just struggling to get by and would need much more than $15.00 an hour to lead respectable lives.

Whether they struggle with car troubles, or health problems without paid sick days, these families find themselves constantly put in a pinch for doing what society maintains you should do: work for a living. Only, they’re not working for a living. They’re working for an existence, something that should never happen to someone who is willing to work, and depend on the taxpayers to subsidize the outrageous profits that the companies they work for make.

(Sources: PBS and

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