Karl Rove Attacks Donald Trump

On “Fox News,” President Bush’s former adviser Karl Rove labeled Donald Trump the “joke candidate” of “the nutty right” who will never be elected by Republicans or the American people.

Rove then took down Trump’s “weird conspiracy theories” point-by-point, noting that not only does his family indeed know he was born in Hawaii, but that even one of Rove’s advisers was familiar with President Obama at Harvard and “helped get him elected to the Law Review editor.” He deemed the idea that his parents would arrange birth notices to ensure his presidential eligibility “full-throated..nuttiness.”

Never one for dignified silence, Donald Trump shot back at Rove’s “cheap shot” on Fox and Friends, painting Rove as the man who, according to Trump, basically secured Obama’s presidency (see video below):

(Source: ThinkProgress.org and MediaMatters.com)

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